Let's play...

Deviant Edge organizes play parties for kinky and bdsm-minded people. A night of fun and decadence, where anything can happen. We set the scene, the rest is up to you...



  • fetish/kinky
  • lingerie/nude
  • classy/black
  • themed costume


  • Singles: 25EUR
  • Couples: 40EUR


  • Admittance to the party
  • 1 free drink per person
  • Use of the play area

Rules of conduct

  • You have to be at least 18 to enter the party.
  • No photography or other recording!
  • To keep the event in the right atmosphere, Deviant Edge can decide to limit the number of singles admitted to the party.
  • SSC: Play will be supervised by an experienced dungeon master. Safe-words need to be communicated with the DM.
  • No safe-word = No play!
  • Excessive use of alcohol and use of any drugs are not allowed.